Digby and Iona: Fall 2008 Collection


After a few unfortunate years of influence from designers turned would-be lumberjacks, we're finally witnessing a shift away from flannel shirts and mukluks. Digby and Iona recently released its Fall 2008 collection of intrepid jewelry inspired by themes from the American Civil War and British Imperialism. Comprised of several sections, including Elements of Disguise, Instruments of Pursuit and Means of Retribution, the series forms a "manual of accessories for an adventurer."

For the stalker in you, Elements of Disguise consists of two monocle-style moustache necklaces that can be raised to your lip, should your quarry grow suspicious. According to designer Aaron Ruff, "the necklaces pay homage to the styles of the infamous Inspector Clouseau and the gentleman adventurer, Phileas Fogg belonging to Jules Vern's novel, "Around the World in Eighty Days." The pieces in Instruments of Pursuit should make the tailing a little easier, with a functional miniature telescope (the Filigree Spyglass) and an antique brass compass (the Lost Love Compass). Finally, for the climactic moments in your fanciful diversions, there's the Lion Figurehead Knucklebiter (a brass knuckle-style ring resembling the lion figurehead belonging to the Victorian British Royal Navy) and the Black Spot Pistol Ring (no, not functional).


For pioneering urban swashbucklers, or steampunk geeks looking to flaunt their retro-futurist tendencies, the new Digby and Iona collection can be purchased through the Williamsburg shop Catbird.