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DIY Valentine’s Day T-shirt

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Want to do something special for Hallmark's most rosy of holidays? Check this from our friends at Chicago's world famous T-shirt Deli:

Greetings, you lovestruck soul!

We know all about it – from the moment you saw her, your HEART started pounding. You wanted to sweep her away, to capture everything in the world worth giving to her, and to wrap your arms forever around her perfect HEART.

So now it's February, the season of flowers and HEARTs, and you must find something to show your sweetHEART that she still drives you crazy. Well, we have a few suggestions: while all the other weary admirers brave the drugstore to find an enormous chocolate HEART or a pile of roses, (neither of which can stand up to the washer and dryer), we have made an addition to our website that will allow you to show your sweetie that she still has your HEART tucked neatly inside her own.

Place an order online at While you are letting your emotions pour out on-screen, simply write the word HEART, and for five bucks (the same cost as the letters) we will replace it with one stunning, red, perfectly shaped icon of your unending love. Did you get that, casanova? Write the word HEART using all capital letters, and we’ll throw a HEART in there for you.

Here are a few moving and romantic examples:

– I HEART Bobby

– Bobby HEARTs Bacon

– Healthy Hearts HEART Bacon

– We HEART Steve

– We HEART Steve’s New Boat

Afraid of the caps-lock key? Maybe you aren’t ready to go past “I really, really like you”? Perhaps your newborn daughter is the only valentine on your mind this February… Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to show your devotion without the HEART. Try these on for size, and don’t forget that shirts run small.

– Someone Be Mine!

– Sweet Nothing

– I Like You As A Friend

– Love is for Babies

– Let’s Get It On

– Valentines are for Girls

– I Have Crushes

So get to work, Schnookems! Find that perfect message and order early to ensure that Peanut’s shirt arrives just in time.

We wish you the best of luck in all affairs of the HEART, and remember – The T-Shirt Deli, Co. HEARTs you, too.


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