Epaulet’s Kamigata Farmer Jacket

The New York boutique introduces a modern take on traditional Japanese workwear

EPLA_Kamigata_Jacket_model.jpg EPLA_Kamigata_Jacket_rear.jpg

A running joke in menswear for some time now is that Japan does Americana better than the Yanks. And oftentimes it’s true. Now flip the concept on its head, add in esteemed boutique Epaulet New York, and the result is the new EPLA Kamigata Jacket, a rare instance of American designers interpreting classic Japanese workwear—and with impressive results. Based on the noragi—a traditional Japanese farmer’s jacket—the banded shawl jacket is one of those rare pieces that’s at once versatile and capable of making a statement, while remaining understated.

EPLA_Kamigata_Jacket.jpg EPLA_Kamigata_Jacket_tag.jpg

Made of lightweight nine-ounce denim, the layering piece can be worn buttoned or open and is available in two indigo colorways—natural indigo-dyed denim from Japan’s Nihon Menpu denim mill and cross-hatch denim from Japan’s esteemed Nisshinbo Mills. Sizes will sell out quickly, but the Kamigata Jackets from Epaulet New York’s casual ELPA label are available online now for $175.

Images courtesy of Epaulet