Esquivel Handmade Shoes

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Eliminating the need to jet to Europe for a pair of gorgeous, handmade shoes, the new destination for custom soles isn't in Paris, London or Milan but in a back alley, by-appointment-shop in Los Angeles. Over the last fifteen years, Southern California native Georges Esquivel (recently Artisan_Oxford_nude_hand_stained.jpg

Inspired by retro fashion, punk and the irreverent vibe of his city, the infectious high-low result blends painstaking execution, classic silhouettes and kick-ass character. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, members of the band handmade-shoe-workshop.jpg

That means clients can have their shoes customized easily and for little extra cost. With your fit and design perfect, the only excruciating element is the wait.

Three price tiers correspond to the level of customization. Full Customs start at $3,000, including foot measurements, creation of a last (aka shoe mold), fittings, the prototype and limitless options from exotic skins to gold buckles. Otherwise, Esquivel offers existing models which customers can personalize with color, sole and upper design and a small series of ready-to-wear models available from retailers.

Contact Esquivel through email (info [at] esquivelshoes [dot] com) or by phone (+1 714 670 2200) to inquire.

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