Eunsuk Hur Fabrics

by Adrienne So


Laser cutting, acid printing and etching fabric, Eunsuk Hur's ethereal, multi-layered creations are already making a name for themselves in fashion and interior design. Moving abroad from South Korea to London to further her studies, Hur graduated earlier this year from the renowned Central Saint Martins School for Art and Design.


Intrigued by the way plants and animals respond to their environments as they grow, Hur's designs themselves adapt and change depending on how they're worn. She expressly designs each interchangeable system of textile pieces to engage the customer and expand their opportunity for personal expression while still maintaining Hur's original design concept. The outcome of her deeply considered garments are irresistibly touchable, textured pieces for wearing or using as a home furnishing.


In an effort to convey emotion in her work, the interchangeable pieces are only one way Hur plans to execute her concept. In the future Hur plans to execute her style using varying mediums and processes, her methods shifting as fluidly as her designs.

All products are made by personal commission, see her website for more details.

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