EVERYBODY.WORLD + Delores Kerr’s Capsule Collection

A line of wearable separates from the sustainable brand and the 80-something designer

Founded by Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo, EVERYBODY.WORLD focuses on sustainability, humanity and creativity. Built upon three pillars, the brand’s top priority is respect—for the skilled workers they employ, for the environment, and for unique ideas and perspectives. Beginning EVERYBODY.WORLD with the Trash Tee (a shirt made from 100% recycled cotton, the first-ever of its kind) as a staple, the brand has evolved fast—with pop-ups in NYC, a signature typeface and several collaborations.

The most recent capsule collection was created with 80-something Dolores Kerr, who met Alonzo and Crespo at an EVERYBODY.WORLD event she attended with her husband and granddaughter. Kerr says, about her reaction to being invited to collaborate with the brand, “I was, and am, totally intrigued and interested in this new concept, but was surprised by the invitation to participate.” Ultimately she was interested. As she tells us, “The energy and excitement that Iris and Carolina, both seasoned professionals, have for this project is appealing.”

It’s clear why Alonzo and Crespo approached Kerr to help design the collection. Along with her incredible looks, she is a nurse, an LAUSD educator, and the founder of Mentors for Youth and Adults Worldwide. Further, she’s a former model and Miss Tuskegee University. Kerr is also married (for 60 years) to a former aerospace engineer and Korean War veteran, Ben. Alonzo and Crespo have adored the duo as a couple and individually—admiring their style, humor, and charm.

For her collection, Kerr and EVERYBODY.WORLD designed a set of separates—the Twist and Tie Top, and the Twist and Tie Skirt—in three colorways. Each hue is vibrant and bright, a crisp white, cobalt blue, and bold tumeric color. Kerr says, “My mood and emotions always play a major role in my planning of what to wear. I change my outfit after looking in the mirror and after assessing my body language. I may even prepare two or more choices for the occasion. For example: if I am down, I wear bright or strong colors. I dress to balance emotions.”

Made from 100% recycled cotton, these sets are ultimately wearable for people of all ages, genders, colors. When it comes to people’s appearances, Kerr believes that individuals should focus on “mental and physical wellbeing, as well as diet, exercise and lifestyle” as this all “reflects and enhances their appearances.”

Kerr says she hopes “Customers will have the joy, fun and excitement to stylize, and create their very own personal outfits with beautiful convertible apparel.” Further, 10% of the profits will go directly to Kerr, who has decided to invest in her granddaughter’s university fund. “With my granddaughter Jade as the gifted stylist in this project, her support, ideas and interest are my inspirations,” she says. “Hopefully, Jade will use this creativity and talent in her educational pursuits and daily style for everyday life.”

EVERYBODY.WORLD by Delores Kerr is available online, where the top and skirt sell for $45 each.

Images by Graham Walzer, courtesy of EVERYBODY.WORLD