Freakstyle, a street fashion blog to record the looks of São Paulo’s most hip and hot, is the brainchild of three professionals working in the São Paulo fashion world, visual merchandiser Paula Reboredo, journalist Maira Goldschmidt and photo consultant Gilberto Franca. Naturally tapped into the type of circles where peeping their fellow Brazilians’ style makes parties a lot more entertaining, the project aims to nail the South American city onto the worldwide street fashion map like Fruits and Street Peeper have done. Showing an international audience what they personally consider is a fabulous style sensibility mixed with the right amount of attitude, the trio on a daily basis navigate the streets and scenes of São Paulo, from club to amusement parks and street fairs, documenting their finds and making new friends. They unabashedly star in some of the photos themselves, because they, after all, are as much a part of the street fashion that inspires them and their blog.

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