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Lazy Oaf’s New Line: G.E.M.

Drawing inspiration from Cyndi Lauper and Barbara Cartland, a flamboyantly fun and frilly collection

We’ve been longtime devotees of Lazy Oaf, the fun London-based label that truly lets you wear your (even most curmudgeonly) feelings on your sleeves. Founder Gemma Shiel launches new pet project G.E.M. today, and the statement pieces are not for the fainthearted. G.E.M. (standing for Give ‘Em More) experiments with more texture, volume and frills—think dresses with furry sleeves, a sheer color-block jacket, jeans that pop off into shorts—and even makes Lazy Oaf seem tame in comparison.

“It has been on my mind for a while to try a new venture,” Shiel tells CH. “I started working on G.E.M about 14 months ago. Initially I wanted to create something that was a more luxe version of Oaf but it developed into more of an opportunity for me to push my creativity and to make the pieces that were a little too wild for Lazy Oaf and would always end up on a reject pile. G.E.M has allowed me to push a more personal narrative. It’s unapologetic, it references scenes that I love and have grown up with, a homage to badass frontwomen, to the ’80s and unusual celebrity icons that I am fascinated with! For example, our G.E.M campaign has been inspired by romance novelist Barbara Cartland’s home—Google it, it’s worth it!”

She continues, “I think G.E.M is also a new girl for us. I think she is slightly older, she’s sexy in a very uncontrived way, she’s in charge of her identity, the girl that looks a bit scary but you really really want to be her friend. My muses for this range have been iconic women such as Bjork, PJ Harvey, Cyndi Lauper and ’80s Madonna.”

G.E.M. launches today

online, where prices start at $50 for tops and go up to $230 for one unforgettable leopard swing coat with a pink faux fur shawl collar.

Images courtesy of G.E.M. and Stephanie Sian Smith


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