Lazy Oaf + Garfield Summer ’14 Collection

The East London label meets the godfather of grumpy cats for a colorful and nostalgic summer collection


Before Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation and a meme standard, Garfield (created by American cartoonist Jim Davis) starred in feature films, garnered multiple Emmys, broke a Guinness World Record for most widely syndicated comic strip and won the hearts of readers—all without lifting a paw, staying true to his apathetic nature. As the ultimate “Lazy Oaf” in cartoon history, Garfield is a perfect partner for the East London label as they both love pizza and lasagna, loathe Mondays and share a sarcastic yet mischievous charisma that tears down stereotypes regarding what constitutes a real hero. Today, Lazy Oaf (a CH favorite known for their bold graphics and colorful weirdness) announces a summer collection that captures the best of Garfield’s traits, for an awesome melding of two cultures across the ocean.

“Being a kid in the late ’80s, me and my brother obsessed over Garfield books and annuals and we’d wile away long afternoons, paper in hand, pen at the ready, trying to see who could draw Garfield best,” Lazy Oaf founder and designer Gemma Shiel tells CH. “We spent hours perfecting Garfield’s face and trying to outwit each other with the best quote to go alongside it.”

Thanks to these childhood memories, this collection hits even closer to home than Lazy Oaf’s recent collaboration with Looney Tunes last fall. “I had more of a personal relationship with Garfield from being slightly obsessed with him as a kid and I felt he owned a really concise color palette from his comic which determined our choice to launch the line for summer ’14,” Shiel continues. “For the collection, I wanted to introduce a nostalgic fashion silhouette that referenced some of the things I would have worn when I first discovered Garfield. Like, I would have loved to have worn the Garfield bodysuit with green spandex stirrup leggings for dance class when I was a child.” Thanks to Shiel making her childhood fashion dreams come true, others will be able to wear a bodysuit splashed with Garfield’s face among other items: Pharaoh Garfield patterned jeans, Garfield covered summer dresses, T-shirts and sweats, beanies and more. Keep an eye out as more is revealed.

The Lazy Oaf + Garfield collection launches Thursday 24 April 2014 and will be available to purchase from their website, their flagship store in London and select stockists around the world.

Images courtesy of Lazy Oaf