Gram Design Sneaker/Boots


by Naomi Nevitt

When is a sneaker more than a sneaker? When it's a boot, too. Stockholm-based footwear label Gram Design has crafted a kicker that's just that: part city sneaker, park hiking boot. With a focus on clean lines, subtle humor, and refined classics, three-year-old company Gram kicks shoe-making forward, without stepping on the toes of functionality or comfort.

Gram's 406g style is no exception. Sure, the 406g, crafted out of a three-toned plaid canvas, can run with its ball-court counterparts and clomp with the Timberland crowd thanks to its thick rubber sole and signature mesh eyelets. But with work-ready metal hooks, crisp black piping and a multicolored high-top make (though we prefer the stealth all-black version), this hybrid will also past muster with the toughest judges of all—sidewalk-walking, big-city sneakerheads.

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