GRINDR + Print All Over Me Collaborative Menswear Line

The Varsity Collection features colorful, athletic apparel with proceeds going to charity

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For their first-ever full menswear line, social media service GRINDR has partnered with CH favorite pattern-printing platform Print All Over Me (PAOM). The 29-piece range, known as The Varsity Collection, features everything from windbreakers and swim briefs to jockstraps and track pants. There’s definitely an athleisure energy to the pieces, but the distinct patterns (and sometimes playful colors) incorporate everything from queer pop-culture references to ancient Greek motifs. A handful of accessories have also been introduced, including pins and patches, a duffle and bandana. Naturally, they’re all rather playful items in spirit, but the bulk of them are more than just flirty fun, they’re well designed for active use.

GRINDR is launching a sporty menswear line to call attention to the fact that sports should not discriminate. Moreover, all proceeds go directly to the Athlete Ally‘s non-profit. Specifically, they’ll fund the Principle 6 campaign, which is focused on ending homophobia and transphobia in the sporting community. Altogether, it’s an easy, inexpensive way to look sexy while supporting the LGBTQ community. It’s also worth mentioning that the campaign photographer John Arsenault, who CH first profiled in 2011, was also a perfect fit for the brand. Arsenault’s explanation of his involvement summarizes GRINDR’s intent perfectly, “I have always made a conscious decision not to hide my sexuality, but instead celebrate it. The evolution of the gay identity in my lifetime has been a wild ride! To work with a brand that celebrates the gay experience so openly is an honor and a privilege.”

The collection is available exclusively at GRINDR’s webstore, with prices ranging between $25 and $130. It will hit PAOM’s e-commerce site on 15 August.

Images by John Arsenault