Hillflint’s Vintage-Styled Collegiate Sweaters

A classic, cozy look crafted from top quality Merino wool


Inspired by a fellow Dartmouth alum’s simple green wool sweater—branded only with a year of graduation (1968) and seen in perfect condition in 2012—then-students Woody Hines and John Shi founded Hillflint with a view in mind to make long-lasting, well-fitted knitwear. With a clean, understated aesthetic that’s bolstered by top quality materials and an eye for craftsmanship, Hillflint offers a range of sweaters and accessories, but their vintage-styled collegiate offerings really stand out. As a broad range of deep colors meet a classic font, an iconic cold weather staple gets a reliable modern remake—and at a reasonable price.


“What differentiates us,” Hines shares with CH about his direct-to-consumer approach, “is the focus is on product. We are two guys lean on inventory and obsessed with menswear.” Both cite early prep and classic Ivy League looks as inspiration, but recognize that’s no longer enough, and is often thought of as stodgy or out of touch. Thus, they’ve incorporated a sportier edge, while maintaining a luxury product. Hines continues, “We pull inspiration from classic prep items, simply because of functionality and ease of movement. These are easy to wear. The broader brand vision, however, is to craft something more in tune [with contemporary culture]—not just scotch and cigars.”


“We source the wool from Australia. We get the highest grade, which is extra fine at 19 microns. Typical fashion houses are using 21 to 23 microns,” he shares. In utilizing the extra fine Merino wool, the texture of the overall product becomes softer and more comfortable, foregoing a belief that all wool must be scratchy. The sweaters are thick and ultimately effective. And with color their defining visual element, they are dynamic enough to go with just about anything.

Hillflint’s collegiate-inspired apparel is available online, with prices starting at $75.

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Images courtesy of Hillflint