Hurraw Balm

Vegan classically-flavored balms designed to stay put in back pockets


Most drugstore-variety lip balms have the unfortunate effect of leaving mouths even dryer thanks to unnatural ingredients. The aptly named Hurraw! Balm keeps it pure, using an emollient formula of vegan-friendly, organic ingredients for a series of 10 balms in refreshingly simple flavors—from mint and cherry to root beer and grapefruit.

Created by lip balm obsessives in Whitefish, MT, the collective cold presses its fair trade raw ingredients and pours each mix by hand to ensure the utmost quality of each batch.


Their earth-consciousness extends down to packaging too of course, with each recyclable oval tube (its shape fits more snugly in back pockets) arriving in a reusable tea bag stamped with edible ink. Pick one up from Hurraw! Balm’s online store for around $4.