Iosselliani Silver Snake Bracelet


Master of the opulent, mystical, and baroque, Roman jewelry line Iosselliani follows a cultural legacy of defining beauty with the tastefully over-the-top. Established in 1997 by Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci, the revered label melds traditional metals and gems, often layering one delicate strand upon another until an ornate piece forms an unexpected look that's misshapen, refined, and altogether enchanting. Representing one of the quieter trends of late, the silver snake bracelet reveals the impact of one key accessory on an everyday look.

Composed of scaly, intertwined silver chains held together by four silver loops, the robust but finely detailed bracelet begs for closer inspection. Bejeweled serpent heads, glittering with semi-precious stones, hang from the sides, each one unique. Wrap it around your wrist and you'll see that with all the dangling and coiling, this is a bracelet that doesn't need any additional charms.

by Loryn Hatch

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