Jacques-Elliott Ties and Accessories by Elliot Aronow

Handmade ties and enamel pins designed with everyone in mind


Elliot Aronow is a man of many talents. The NYC transplant has worked in too many culturally influential industries to count, from publishing and music to television and fashion. The latter is where the assiduous character can currently be found, standing firmly behind his latest venture: Jacques-Elliott Ties and Accessories by Elliot Aronow. The ties come in a range of textures and styles able to be dressed up or down, worn with for a suit or leather jacket. “One style fits the universe. Not too skinny, not too fat. Rad colors and rare fabrics, but nothing that is trying too hard,” explains Aronow. In short, the collection features a little for everyone, regardless of your sartorial tastes. And of course, each 3 inch tie is made by hand in Brooklyn.


In addition to the ties, Aronow is making a few other accessories: clever enamel pins and print heavy pocket squares. And as things progress, we’ll likely see the un-boxable designer extend into other areas of fashion as well. To get involved and back the Jacques-Elliott program, visit the Kickstarter and secure a tie for $69, or set of enamel pins (and more) for $29. For further proof of Aronow’s design prowess, check the undeniably handsome Emerson Jodhpur done in collaboration with Aronow and NYC menswear boutique Epaulet.

Images courtesy of Elliot Aronow