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Johnny Cupcakes


Absolutely wonderful. Like Josh, I too have a thing for skulls, but I also have a soft spot for cupcakes as well. I think of late night runs to Magnolia Bakery and staring at Marc Jacob shoes like some pathetic lost puppy while I chomp down on a mouthful of sugary frosting… Ahem, excuse my bit of East Coast nostalgia. Johnny Cupcakes features cupcake themed clothing and accessories. Not into the cupcake crossbones t-shirt? Well, there are still plenty of other witty cupcake themed items with more to come in October for Halloween. Johnny's items are available online as well as at select boutiques (a list should be added to the website soon). And if you happen to live in or aound Hull, Massachusetts, you can go check out the new Johnny Cupcakes retail boutique.


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