Kate Miss Jewelry

Friendship bracelet-inspired necklaces from a graphic-designing blogger


The ultra-crafty graphic designer, jewelry designer and blogger Kate Miss produces simple necklaces that are so lovely it’s difficult to procure one before they sell out from her online shop.

Almost two years ago the Long Island City-based designer developed a renewed interest in the friendship bracelets of her childhood, partly, she says, “out of nostalgia and partly due to the boom of the whole native pattern trend.” The knotted bracelet that she thought would look “pretty amazing” on a necklace has since become her signature piece. Interspersed with the friendship bracelet and brass drop necklaces (also a perennial favorite) are forays into mood and seasonally-inspired pieces, like a woven necklace crafted of leather and Lucite beads—a style introduced today in her holiday sale.

katemiss2.jpg katemiss3.jpg

While her necklaces grace the pages of many indie designers’ lookbooks and even found their way into Target’s Red Hot Shop last summer, many of her enthusiastic clients came upon her jewelry by way of her blog, For Me, For You. She has a clean, vintage-inspired aesthetic and is careful to steer clear of subjects sure to be found on every well-known design blog. After all, she laughs, “Does Anthropologie really need another blogger gushing over their appliqué sweaters?”

Kate shared her expertise by teaching a jewelry class at textile designer Lena Corwin‘s studio and hopes to continue teaching—West Coast-style—when she moves her operation to L.A. in 2011.

Be sure to check out her 2 December 2010 sale, updated at 8pm at her Kate Miss shop.