Keshwear. Remember the name; you'll be obsessed with it shortly. We chatted with the London-based designer about music, Myspace and making your imprint on the world.

"I've been making clothes since I was young," starts London stylist/designer/dj/model and magazine fashion editor, Kesh, "When I joined Myspace I would get hundreds and hundreds of messages from people all over the world asking where I got my clothes from and where they could buy them. Most of the stuff they were talking about was stuff I had made, so I started up Keshwear officially and started selling my stuff from my Myspace." Creative, eclectic and visually outrageous, Keshwear has quickly become an international hit, bringing a new style of originality and cartoon-like craziness to an otherwise muted and overtly safe fashion scene. Her pieces reflect a fusion of Trinidad, Caribbean and British culture; acting like a synapse between M.I.A-style fashion and 1980s Technotronic style beats.

Promoted, advertised and only available online, the Keshwear range has been making its way all over the globe despite the fact it always sells out. One fan lucky enough to get her hands on an exclusive Keshwear dress was Mariah Carey, who contacted Kesh after viewing her original wares online. "The biggest hurdle so far was making a dress for Mariah Carey," says Kesh, "She has had dresses made for her by some of the best designers in the world. But she loved it and wore it Christmas Day!" Despite the likes of Carey, Lupe Fiasco, Lily Allen, Big Daddy Kane and Mark Ronson donning her creations, Kesh believes it is ultimately the everyday people ordering her pieces online that fuels her motivation and, consequently, the success of Keshwear. "I believe my label is different because I didn't study fashion and I don't follow it," says Kesh, "I make what I want and, luckily, people like that!"

At just 20 years old, Kesh may well be achieving successes yearned for by designers twice her age, yet the attitude of this London anti-it girl remains undeniably down-to-earth. "I design for whoever is feeling my stuff," says Kesh genuinely, "For me the greatest compliment or reward is when one of my customers sends me pictures of them wearing my stuff. It makes me super proud!" Not afraid to take risks, Kesh creates a genre of fashion that is unable to be categorized, signaling a nod to those looking for original expression via their wardrobe. From '80s style cropped hoodies and oversized track pants to skin-tight brightly-colored club dresses and leggings featuring comic-book characters, Keshwear guarantees to demand attention whatever the occasion.