Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Printing with dice, the design of smell, fashion blogger parodies, and more


1. Famous French Blogger Parodies

The ultra stylish French fashion bloggers receive a little schoolyard harassment from the boys at Le Petit Echo Malade. Refinery29 highlights this dedicated duo’s work, who seemingly have too much imagination and time on their hands.

2. YouTube’s Greatest Failures

In celebration of YouTube‘s fifth anniversary, Time Magazine guides us through a quick tour of the worst videos in the site’s history. From Average Homeboy Denny Blaze’s awesome ’80s rap video to wannabe sportscaster Brian Collins’ uncomfortable delivery and instantly popular “Boom goes the dynamite!” catchphrase, Time tracks the trainwrecks we so love to watch.

3. Olfactory Design

Edible Geography recounts the recent Headspace conference at NYC’s The New School, a day-long event dedicated to the pursuit of using the sense of smell as a regular design component and where NY Times writer Chandler Burr made the case for the ways scents can influence spatial perception.

4. Inside The John Lobb Workshop

The Guardian made a short video that takes us inside the bygone era workshop of Britain’s John Lobb, where generations of young and old shoemakers have been crafting the dapper leather footwear by hand since 1849.

5. iPad Arcade Cabinet

As an April Fool’s joke, ThinkGeek came up with the iCade concept. Using an iPad as a monitor, this retro-styled arcade cabinet comes with a built-in joystick and matching app full of games to play.

6. Roman & Williams

The New York City-based Roman & Williams are quickly joining the ranks of design majors after designing interiors for both The Ace and The Standard hotels in New York. This stunning video by The Scout captures the architect/design duo in their studio as they discuss their creative process and inspiration.

7. Letterpress Dice Prints

Enormouschampion points us to Brooklyn-based artist Stukenbourg, who makes and sells a variety of prints by using old dice to ink a variety of patterns onto the paper.

8. Full Circle

Ecofabulous discovered a new brand of beautifully sustainable dish cleaning products called Full Circle. The carefully designed sponges, scrubbers, and brushes are built to stand the test of time using materials such as bamboo, cellulose, and Bonterra.