Lucy Miller Beaded Chain-Link Necklace


Made by English knitwear designer Lucy Miller, we found these hand-tied beaded necklaces at The Rise + Fall store. (Miller's line is among the small collection of goods there that's not from their house label.) We love the way Miller simultaneously reinvents both traditional beadwork and chains for a necklace that's neither too hippie nor too fake bling. (Click image for detail.) "They're really beautiful and must take a long time to make," Rise and Fall's co-founder, Joshua Cohen, told CH.

Though as far as we know they're exclusively available at the Williamsburg store, they're also being shipped around the globe. Since they're imported, Cohen said he's charging "a little extra" for them: $60 bucks. It's not a bad score for a handmade accessory that's just the thing to casually dress up summer's laid back styles. Call The Rise + Fall (+1 718 388 3108) to order.