Modern Farmer’s Vibrant Muck Boot

Fully insulated waterproof boots ready for hard work outdoors or a casual walk in the rain


The Original Muck Boot Company has been making durable, weather-proof boots since 1999, supplying farmers, gardeners and hunters with an effective footing outdoors. It only makes sense then that they would partner with CH favorite Modern Farmer, who we paid a visit to earlier this year, for a limited edition collaboration. The resulting Modern Farmer Muck Boot sports a bold colorway, but there’s far more to it than that. The 100% waterproof boots come fully insulated with 3mm of Neoprene which offers protection from all weather conditions. Coupled with a fleece lining, PK mesh lining and a sock-liner, there’s a moisture-wicking element that keeps feet cool in the summer, but warm in subfreezing temperatures during the winter. The outer sole delivers strong traction as well. All in, they’re super-light and really comfortable for all that functionality.

The Modern Farmer Muck Boots are available for purchase online for $160.

Images courtesy of Muck Boot Co.