So many fashions jump the Hello Kitty nostalgia bandwagon sometimes known in less-polite circles as "Japsploitation" – so it's always reassuring to see a fresh take on Nippon-inspired style that doesn't rehash the age old stereotypes.

The new t-shirt line from Moongirl is just one example: It eschews the cutsey stereotypes and instead brings a varied blend of fashionable and original print shirts for Moongirls (women), Handsome Tigers (men), as well as Moonies (I'm out on a limb here, but I think by "Moonies" they're referring to children, not the cultish sect that worships a Korean businessman).

Kidding aside, there are more than 32 prints to choose from in all, and the designers are offering wholesaling opportunities — if you own your own clothing chain or sell shirts out of the trunk of your car — it's a good opportunity to get in on the groundfloor while the 2006 collection is fresh.