Morgans Toiletries Subscription

A bi-monthly service that delivers simple products and convenience

Launched in late 2015, the Morgans subscription service hopes to never have you wandering into a drugstore for a late-night toothpaste pick-up ever again—or for shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper or deodorant for that matter. Every two months, the service ships a customizable bathroom kit directly to your door, allowing you to forget about your restocking schedule and concentrate on much more interesting projects. The pared-down products keep packaging, ingredients, scent and—most importantly—price to a minimum by leaving out unnecessary fillers and selling direct to consumers. And thanks to natural ingredients and fragrances, all those suds washing down the drain won’t damage the environment.

Customize your own box through the Morgans website, with a fully loaded 10-product kit costing $66 every two months.

Images by Cool Hunting