MYKITA and Kostas Murkudis

Stainless steel sunglasses by two Berlin-based brands


Experiments in production techniques and material selection drive the latest Berlin-based collaboration between MYKITA eyewear and womenswear designer Kostas Murkudis. The stainless steel frames from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection comprise two distinct models, the oval-edged Elektra and the more square Phineas. A former assistant to Helmut Lang, Murkudis brings to the eyewear brand a similar affinity for innovation and clean design. Each individual frame is laser-etched to give the cold material a mesh-like surface, which, along with the oceanic colorways of the collection, signals the textures and hues of summer. The silhouette and technology exclusive to this collaboration incorporate MYKITA’s patented hinge, which removes screws and soldering at the joints to further streamline the ultra lightweight frames.

MYKITA-Kostas-Murkudis-2.jpg MYKITA-Kostas-Murkudis-3.jpg

The artful shades are now available at Andreas Murkudis, a Berlin boutique opened by Kostas Murkudis’ brother in July 2011.