Damir Doma for Mykita

Horn-rimmed glasses from an international collaboration


Croatian-born, Paris-based designer Damir Doma started the buzz around the DD01, a sunglass model for eyewear manufacturer Mykita, when they starred in the Spring/Summer 2013 runway show earlier this year. Sporting three colorways for men and women, the glasses are a luxe, reportedly indestructible take on the style popularized by mid-century intellectuals. Each pair is composed of a stainless steel base that is coated in platinum, gold or graphite, and the raised inner frames are created from eight layers of natural horn that create a variety of tones. The UV-protected lenses are made by Zeiss.

Now available for preorder at LN-CC, the DD01 can be had for £1,242.

Images courtesy of LN-CC