Nike Footscape Woven Hamsters


The Footscape, which originally appeared on the scene 1994, was reinvented for the premier of Joga Bonito. Drawing inspiration from the Considered line, the new version includes a woven element that runs from toe to heel. The Footscape Woven is expected to have a big push in the next couple seasons with a variety of material and colorways—possible proof is pictured here in a shot from Jeff Staple.

On the left, you have the "Richard Gere's" aka "Hamsters" aka Hideout exclusives. On the right, you have the "Fraser Cooke's". They are made using hairs cut from his own head! MAD EXCLUSIVE. It takes 4 months to make each pair because his hair has to grow back each time.

Not sure if I believe that, but they're damn good looking regardless. No word on reality or availability.

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Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin

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