Just when you thought fashion had become a mish-mash of ill designed, over-the-top and unflattering pieces, along comes Obus, the Aussie-based label that has been fueling the serious style-starters around the world since its inception seven years ago. Structured, original and incredibly well-designed, Obus stands alone as a definitive label, intent on breaking the cycle of fad fashion. Akin to Frankie Morello, Marc Jacobs and Chanel, it's timeless, elegant and unique. Cool Hunting caught up with the mastermind designer behind the stunning label, Kylie Zerbst, to talk about landscapes, fashion and Cat Power. (Click on images for enlarged view.)

How, why and when did Obus start?
The first Obus journey was around seven years ago, in Melbourne, taking the first Obus travelers into the heart of the forest in winter. It had to start, because I didn’t want to keep doing what I'd been doing before (Graphic Design).


What differentiates Obus from other labels on the market?
Obus is Australian-made, which is becoming a rarity. Many labels are now made in China. I hope that people appreciate this and understand what it means in terms of quality and economy. Aesthetically, Obus belongs in many different landscapes. It’s versatile and practical, yet sill manages to take you somewhere different each season. That’s what Obus is all about. Catching the Obus. If you catch it at the moment you’ll be on route no.13 (northern hemisphere) or route no.14 (southern hemisphere). Who else can promise that?

Biggest influences?
Traveling of course. Camping in the snow, driving at night, beautiful colors and sound.

What's playing in the background?
Lots of hip hop. Cat Power, of course. Vashti Bunyan, the radio…rain on the roof.

What can we expect from your coming collection?
The winter range, soon to arrive in-store in the States is something to do with a dark and cold, yet still very dreamy, road at night. Route no. 14—it's called "Asphalt Dreaming." Lots of grey, lots of layering, sharp tailoring, muted tones, hooded coats and long cable knits. Really long chunky socks.

Where can we buy Obus?
Check out our site. We have our Obus store (Gertrude St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia), lots of stockists in Japan or if you're in the U.S., p45 in Chicago, Kelly’s Closet in Atlanta, Inago in L.A., Kick Pleat in Texas, Otte and Blush in New York.