Ospop Sneakers: The Exclusive


Not just made in China, these shoes were actually conceived of in the Middle Kingdom as well. For decades, the simple hi-tops have been the footwear of choice for Chinese miners, farmers, construction and factory workers. Called Tian Lang (Mandarin for "Skywolf") Trainers were originally produced in central China close to the Shaolin Temple in the Henan province 50 years ago. The new apparel company Ospop now works with the Tian Lang factory, making them available for the rest of the world.

Originally designed for the worker, they're extremely comfortable shoes with an insole usually used in athletic shoes. They've got a clean industrial-look, made with a twice vulcanized outsole and tough canvas. The character on the side means labor or work and if it can take the abuse of a mine worker, we're pretty sure it can withstand the meanest streets around your city or town.

Available in three different colors, check them out here. Each purchase supports an education fund for those in the Tian Lang area who lack the necessary means for their first year of university studies. Check with Ospop in the near future for purchasing details and dealers.