Georgia Perry Pins

From Oprah's smiling face to a half-peeled banana, bright and playful designs from this Australian artist


As any keen eye has noticed, ’90s fashion has continued to return to prominence in the past couple seasons. Though replacing band and brand patches are pins, and often cheeky ones at that. In a seemingly never-ending list of pins to covet, Georgia Perry’s debut collection is charming and playful—and diverse enough that there’s sure to be one for everybody, no matter their age, gender or interests.


The talented Melbourne, Australia-based designer and artist just launched her range of cute enamel pins with designs spanning a can of sardines to a half-peeled banana to geometric cubes. The highlights, however, have to be the “Fingers Crossed” pin and Perry’s very cheerful interpretation of Oprah’s smiling face—guaranteed to get you motivated in the mornings.

Each of the six 30mm x 30mm pins in the debut collection retails for $15, and Perry assures us there are several more designs (including some other very famous humans) are on the way. The debut collection is now available for purchase online and will arrive packaged in a bio-degradable cello sleeve to protect it during shipping. For more fun with pins, see our previous coverage of Pintrill and Prize Pins.

Images courtesy of Georgia Perry