Portland General Store Women’s Range

At last, the brand announces its debut line of organic and preservative-free products for ladies

by Emily Bihl

PGS-women-1a.jpg PGS-women-1b.jpg

Portland General Store’s thoughtful, distinctive men’s skincare products have been longtime CH favorites, and many have been hoping for a sister line that would bring the same organic approach and handcrafted quality to the women’s market. Fortunately, PGS will be rolling out their
first women’s line next month.

The line translates everything we love about PGS men’s into a succinct collection of versatile items for women. “The idea with the PGS women’s line was to provide organic and preservative-free products that each serve multiple purposes: our soap is a shampoo, body and face bar; our oil is for the face, body, cuticles and hair; our cold cream can be used to remove makeup and wash the face and also as a very rich moisturizer for chapped skin—I use it as an under-eye treatment,” says Lisa Brodar, the creator behind both the men’s and women’s lines.

PGS-women-2b.jpg PGS-women-sprig.jpg PGS-women-2a.jpg

The idea of creating simple, multi-purpose products was inspired by Brodar’s grandmother, yet the PGS women’s line feels very current as more of us turn to organic naturals in our daily routines. The line is environmentally friendly, organic and vegan—in keeping with Brodar’s own standards and those of her customers. She explains that “the PGS woman is someone who appreciates quality, loves and cares for the earth, and prefers living simply.”

In addition to the already-released Doe Soap, the inaugural women’s product line will include Pearl Organic Cold Cream, Sprig Organic Witch Hazel Toner, Limn Organic Body & Face Oil and Bee Organic Perfume. The products will all be available
online mid-March.

Images courtesy of Portland General Store