Prize Pins 99¢ and Up

Clever metal pins designed and manufactured in the city that inspired the line—NYC

Prizepin-Prize-pin.jpg Prizepin-99cents.jpg

From hand-painted bodega signs to shady magazine shops and 99¢ stores, NYC’s endless streets are home to a unique number of visual inspirations. Prize Pins takes note, and offers a subtle way to add to your own personal sense of style with a range of clever lapel pins. The debut collection is made up of 12 designs directly inspired by the city’s more nuanced details. Perhaps most eye-catching and familiar is the classic 99¢ pin. After all, who hasn’t wasted an afternoon perusing the endless aisles of products inside one of these superfluous stores?

Find the 99¢ pin in silver or gold for $15 each amongst the rest of the collection, which includes everything from lucky teeth to Total Recall’s infamous triple boob. Each Prize Pin is made in NY in limited editions of no more than 100.

Image courtesy of Prize Pins