Food-Themed Pins and Brooches

From a 40 oz to cherry pie, mischievous accessories with no expiration date

Over the past couple of years enamel pins of all kinds have seen a huge comeback—from the NYC-made sporty and playful Prize Pins, to Melbourne-based Georgia Perry‘s celebrity portraits and Hungry Eyes‘ personified dishes. Food-themed apparel also saw a rise in popularity, but oftentimes leaned too far in the Tumblr-wear direction for many. With this selection of food-themed enamel pins, we have found a way to always rep your favorite edibles—from ice cream to beer—no matter the carb content.

Ice Cream

Toronto’s Yo Sick began as a zine, but now offers equally affordable treats to accompany it, in the form of hats, stickers and more. Check out their “chill” ice cream lapel pin ($5); their peace sign- and heart-shaped pizza patches are also worth a peep.

Sunny Side Up Egg

On the larger side, this

sunny side up brooch ($50) from I Still Love You NYC—whose “Sorry Not Sorry” necklace became a cult hit—shows exactly how you like your eggs: fried and in pop art form. This cheerful accessory is handmade in Brooklyn and makes the perfect addition to any brunch outfit.

Salt & Pepper

Perhaps the best way to season your wardrobe is with a City of Industry Salt & Pepper Shaker Pin set ($20). The gold plated pieces charm when worn as a duo—but makes a silent but symbolic statement if you keep one and give the other to a better half.

Pizza Slice

There’s arguably no food more associative than pizza. From sensory stimulation to nostalgia-churning impact, we all know what a single slice means. Designed by Greenwich Letterpress Retail, this Pizza Slice Enamel Pin ($10) brings all that to mind, sans the grease.

Strawberry Milkshake

This old-fashioned strawberry milkshake pin ($12) is a throwback to drive-in movies, diners and pastel-colored Cadillacs. Handmade in Glasgow, this saccharine pin will have you humming malt shop tunes before you know it.

Beer Can

Rep your favorite beverage with this beer can lapel pin ($6) by Night Watch Studios. Cast in red, blue, cream and chrome, it’s a simple design that recalls the classic beer commercials of yesteryear.

40 oz

Vermont-based company Mean Folk’s 40 oz lapel pin ($6)—complete with a skeletal death-grip—is a little bit creepy and a lot playful. Their patches and pins are just right for the anti-social and pessimistic side of all of us.

Cherry Pie Pin

Inspired by the wonders of Twin Peaks’ Double R Diner, the Cherry Pie Pin ($6) from Rosehound Apparel will please any fan of the show. It’s a shiny ode to the tasty treat itself too, with the cherries crafted from vibrant soft enamel.

Images courtesy of respective brands