Proof Eyewear

Upcycled skateboards and plant-based acetate in a range of shades and RX glasses


As part of a movement in eyewear design to use sustainable materials, or at the very least adopt a certain rustic aesthetic, we have come across several creative ways to incorporate wood into glasses and sunglasses. While Shwood is the most recognizable name in the category, and Brooklyn Spectacles stands out on the other end of the spectrum for their laser-etched, faux-wood styles, Proof may be the first we’ve seen to mix wood and acetate. Proof uses renewable, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials—upcycled skateboard decks, recycled metal, plant-based plastic, sustainably sourced wood and bamboo—and donates a portion of sales to a nonprofit in India that provides cataract surgery for those who can’t afford it.

Based in Eagle, Idaho, Proof was founded by three brothers inspired by their Grandpa Bud, who opened a small sawmill in Eagle more than 60 years ago. Now, their family business involves making the entire range of sunglasses and prescription frames by hand in solid wood, mixed and straight acetate, each with their own unique backstory and inspiration. Find more information directly from Proof online where the frames sell for between $90 and $115.