RE/DUN: Vintage Jeans With a Modern Fit

Reworking worn denim into stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces


The biggest problem with shopping for vintage jeans is that tailoring is usually a requirement, further extending the initial commitment of both time and money. Uniting storied denim with a contemporary silhouette is LA’s new womenswear brand RE/DUN, which launched in July 2014. As its name suggests, the company finds much-loved, worn jeans and essentially rips them apart at the seams, then sews them back together into a streamlined, consistent shape—think men’s size 34 jeans whittled down to a straight skinny. This method of sourcing, followed by a “Frankenstein” process, generates a one-of-a-kind pair every time, with different washes, holes, repair details and more. It also means that the jeans often sell out as soon as each batch is released online.


“We both have always loved the look of vintage jeans, but hated the fit,” co-founder Sean Barron tells CH. “In fact, Jamie [Mazur, RE/DUN’s other co-founder] has been having vintage jeans reworked for himself for years. After looking around the contemporary denim market and only seeing homogenous skinny jeans, we decided it was the perfect time to bring something fresh to the public. We use vintage denim as the fabric to create a modern fit.” Barron (a fashion industry veteran) launched brands like Joie and Katayone Adeli, while Mazur founded Underground Denim, an entrepreneurial venture that sold niche jeans to college students through touring warehouse sales.

While Barron keeps mum on what specific rag houses (aka clothing recyclers) across the country they source their vintage denim from (due to it being a proprietary secret), he does share that they especially love the jeans that come out of the South.

This month, RE/DUN expands its offerings beyond its two styles (Straight Skinny and Relaxed Straight) with the debut of High Rise. “It makes a statement, while still being a staple,” says Barron of the new style.

Find all three styles (starting at $228) online from RE/DUN, and in person at NYC boutique Warm and soon at Barneys New York.

Images courtesy of RE/DUN