Rubber Duck x Joyrich Snowjogger

by Julie Wolfson


L.A. darling Joyrich recently put their street chic spin on Rubber Duck's classic boot, the Snow Jogger, creating two new versions—shiny and suede—that will keep feet sleek and warm all winter. Built for the versatile lifestyle, the Snow Joggers combine the warmth of a snow boot with the comfort of a running shoe.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2004, Rubber Duck aims to make people feel good. Now based in Los Angeles, founder Eik Ottosen is known for his positive approach to life and for his commitment to giving back, setting up the Rubber Duck SMILE Project which donates proceeds to various charities and organizations.


Tom Hirota came up with Joyrich in 2007 with the concept "Freedom/Hope/Dream/Love." Taking inspirations from music, world fashion and art and already adored by many in Japan for their colorful designs and urban street appeal, the label has plans to expand globally in the near future.

The collaboration between two ultra-optimistic companies will undoubtedly make this winter a very happy season. The boots sell online in a black or white quilted version for $90 or a tan or black suede version for $120 from 80s Purple.