Saskia Diez Accessories


As seductive as it is simple, Saskia Diez's jewelry strikes a perfect balance for an elegantly contemporary look. A trained goldsmith turned industrial designer, Diez's creations are a clear combination of those two talents.

Her travel bag, dubbed Papier, is a good example of her particular approach. Constructed of synthetic paper, the bag is extremely strong but extraordinarily lightweight, while maintaining an elegant and luxurious appearance. At only four ounces, it's the perfect travel companion and questions the use of bulkier mediums such as leather.

From bags to cufflinks, Diez' understated manner of approaching each piece is a refreshing attribute compared to today's trend-driven accessories. The Boule series (bracelet pictured above) carefully uses the balls as both decoration and as a clasp, again signaling Diez's thoughtful demeanor as an industrial designer.


Roused by combining the right material with the right symbolic content, Diez prudently uses wood, glass, precious stones, gold and more to achieve authentic beauty, realized in each design.

Her jewelry is available for purchase online, prices vary. See more images of her work after the jump.