Shred Optics

Olympian Ted Ligety's classically-styled high-performance shades

shred-dude.jpg shred-black.jpg

While many try to imitate the exemplary ski style of Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety, his panache off the slopes is also noteworthy and even more easily attainable. Shred Optics—Ligety’s line of sunglasses, goggles and helmets—are engineered for seriously pushing the limits and fashioned to reflect a buoyant sense of humor.

Inspired and designed entirely by athletes, the whole collection is great for hitting the slopes—but when Ligety stopped by Cool Hunting a few months ago we fell for the classic shape of his Akroid frames. The aptly titled series of sunglasses are made with the highest quality Italian plastic and scratch resistant lenses.

shred-optics1.jpg shredoptics2.jpg

Known for shredding in pink goggles, Ligety is as freespirited as he is committed to his sport and his line of optics perfectly illustrates that. The Akroid sunglasses offer 100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection in four spirited colorways. They can be found at stores worldwide for $159.