Shuron Eyewear


We're always on the lookout for the perfect pair of shades and the classic design of Shuron, who has been producing well-made frames since 1865, was love at first sight.

Making Shuron a brand especially worthy of consideration is their seemingly endless supply of choices, making it easy to find a pair of specs that suits any style, fits any face and serves its appropriate purpose—shielding eyes from the sun, correcting vision or both. With 27 different styles, each available in various frame and lens hues, the opportunity for individuality is as limitless as their reputation for quality craftsmanship is long-standing (they even supplied the optics for the WWII troops).


You can purchase the frames on their own, or send in any prescription lens request (clear, polarized, tinted, transitions, etc.), which they are happy to fill and send back along with a full receipt accepted by most insurance companies.