Suprême Bon Ton’s Silk Scarves Inspired by Meteorites

The Paris-based studio's collection finds beauty in minerals

supreme-bon-ton-silk-scarves-1.jpg supreme-bon-ton-silk-scarves-2.jpg

Textile designer Ella Perdereau started her Parisian studio Suprême Bon Ton in 2013 to offer a range of high-quality silk scarves with designs that are easy on the eyes and inspired by nature. She collaborates with textile printers in Lyon who have been producing scarves for over 100 years, so the quality can be attested to. Her debut collection, titled “Meteorite,” spotlights the oft-forgotten beauty of minerals and rocks. Perdereau scours through image banks, books, museums and more to spark ideas for drawings and colors, and she’s already brainstorming her next collection. “Right now, the marine world obsesses me,” Perdereau tells CH. “I’m passionate about corals, shellfish and the ebb and flow of the tide. I think they’re extraordinary.”

The “Meteorite” scarves are available online from the Suprême Bon Ton webstore starting at €120 for 70x70cm and €140 for 90x90cm.

Images courtesy of Suprême Bon Ton