Manner Market Silk Scarves and Bandanas

Graphic designs sourced from found photos and illustrations create a versatile accessory


Silk scarves are tricky. They can be worn at any time of year, but many still avoid them for fear of appearing “matronly” or too formal. With her new brand Manner Market, Audria Brumberg hopes to shatter these scarf stereotypes and make them a go-to accessory for anybody and everybody—no matter the occasion. Using found photographs, textures and her own illustrations, the LA-based art director offers large, square, 100%-silk scarves with eye-catching designs. (Smaller bandanas are also available.)

manner-market-forest.jpg manner-market-marble.jpg

Brumberg explains to CH that, while living in Brooklyn before decamping for LA, she had done fashion-based graphic design and website work for the likes of DailyCandy and Louis Vuitton Studio. During that time her work was so minimalist, monochromatic and “clean” that she wanted to do something completely different. “I wanted to make really fun, vibrant scarves that any girl can wear,” she says. Whether it’s for a girl like herself who wears mostly black and white, or someone who leans toward bright colors, Manner Market scarves are a luxuriously fun and whimsical way to add a new dimension to any outfit—particularly when it features a photograph of the road, the forest or the beach. Brumberg also points out how the crisp images become abstract when folded and hung around the neck. Another decidedly mellow option is the Northern Soul scarf (an ode to the ’70s and the music movement’s sew-on patches), while the orange Wood scarf and Marble bandana play with textures.

Bandanas retail at $118 while scarves are priced at $180, and they are all available online from Manner Market.

Images courtesy of Manner Market Scarves