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Skewville’s Secret Lab Revealed


If you've ever noticed a pair of wood sneakers dangling from power lines, you've likely witnessed the work of New Jersey-born identical twins Ad and Droo, aka Skewville. The fake sneaker installations (they call the project and their website When Dogs Fly) dates back to '99, but for over a decade the New York artists have been leaving sneaker footprints on walls, installing their art in Fred Segal's Conveyor store, reconfiguring construction sites to say "Fresh" or "Fame Game," and otherwise altering spaces with their brand of artful commentary. Opening October 1st, an exhibition at the Basement Air Gallery in the Lower East Side will unveil their so-called secret laboratory, revealing such objects as a machine that creates a third twin (uh, a triplet?), historical artifacts, and other mechanized and interactive pieces. Curated by Puffarella, a member of their street team, she says the show deals with issues relating to the street scene like "fame and the idea of hype." The subterranean show runs through November 1st.


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