Taylor Stitch’s “The Beloved Community Collection” Raffle Benefits The NAACP

Inspired by and celebrating Dr Martin Luther King's legacy, five beautifully embroidered jackets up for grabs

With 100% of proceeds donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Taylor Stitch’s “The Beloved Community Collection” raffle (on now) has been inspired by Dr Martin Luther King’s work and words, and aims to celebrate his tremendous legacy.

Each piece in the collection has been beautifully and expertly crafted by some of the brand’s favorite chain stitch embroidery artists across the country—Psychic Stitch Embroidery, Stitch Witch, Ceremony Chainstitch, Crooked 8 and Stay Chill Bill—with every design imbued with its creator’s style. Whether abstract or featuring a quote from Dr King, each one makes a bold statement.

All the embroidered designs adorn the same product: Taylor Stitch‘s classic HBT Jacket—a boxy, utilitarian overshirt made for all genders. Composed of 8.5-ounce 100% organic cotton, the garments are heavy and durable, but have been washed once for softness.

Aptly launched on MLK Day, the raffle runs through 21 February and tickets cost just $1 each. Those taking part can select the specific design they want to win.

Images courtesy of Taylor Stitch