Radical Tea Towels

Women don't belong in the kitchen, revolutionary ideas do


The Radical Tea Towel Company swiftly ignores the rule about not bringing politics to the dinner table. In fact, their towels do quite the opposite: with a fine selection of towels featuring some of the most revolutionary figures and ideas in Western history, these cloths are sure to incite some serious dialogue. The towels pronounce powerful words from the likes of Nelson Mandela, Thomas Paine and Dr Martin Luther King, encouraging solidarity to start in the home’s most communal room. And lest you think that this is a corporate shill taking advantage of the passion of the people, Radical Tea Towels follows a strong ethical policy that would make its comrades proud—materials are exclusively sourced from suppliers who guarantee fair labor practices, and the water-based inks used in all products have little to no environmental impact.

Radical Tea Towels sell from their site for £9, and also from Present London.

Images courtesy of Radical Tea Towel Company