Terence Koh x Converse 1Hund(red)


Terence Koh's Converse 1Hundred(red) makes the classic over in his current trademark all-white, fashion-forward style. Trimming the sole and generally streamlining the look, the edition focuses on subtraction and seems to reflect his stated interest in "hiding reality."

Formerly working under the moniker "asianpunkboy" and never one to shy away from sexuality, the launch party for the shoe featured stick-thin, mostly male models posed as painters, wearing little more than tiny white shorts and the sneakers.


The design also keeps it luxe (another Kohian characteristic) with all-leather uppers and clean with the Converse license plate on only one side, leaving the other side completely bare. With a unique construction replacing the curved ankle with a square shape, the sculpture-like shoe makes a great addition to the artist series—a project in which Converse donates a percentage of sales to help fight AIDS in Africa.


The Terence Koh edition will be available beginning 21 November 2009 from Opening Ceremony for $150.