The Two Bandits Boot Riders

by Stephanie Miles


Searching for ways to make their wardrobes more versatile, New York City jewelry designers Erica Chan and Tamar Wider created a collection of footwear accessories and soon began peddling the goods under the label The Two Bandits. The newest addition to the collection, Riders, a line of adjustable leather and chain boot harnesses worn at the base of any boot, createa a whole new style.

Chan and Wider create each pair of Riders boot straps from black, brown or camel-colored fine leather and brass or steel chains. The entirely adjustable strap works with nearly any type of boot, no matter the heel height or width, adding new dimension to last season's purchase or an alternative look for a new favorite.


Riders boot straps are available in a variety of leather and chain combinations, and can be purchased online from $35 for individual straps to $70 for a pair.