The Last Laugh

Morbid wristwatches for those short on time


Take a bite out of death with “The Last Laugh,” a pair of watches from Mr. Jones that sport hour and minute readouts on the bare teeth of human skulls. The hour marking on the upper teeth uses a “jump hour” feature that flips the time over on the hour while the minutes cycle clockwise below, a capability that is especially impressive considering that the watches run on 20 jewel automatic mechanical movements rather than batteries. In addition to the original version, which places mirrors in the skull’s eye sockets, Mr. Jones also produced a tattoo edition using a Day of the Dead motif from British tattoo artist Adrian Willard.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Jones has produced a watch as a memento mori—their “Accurate” watch from a few years back read out “Remember” and “You Will Die” on the hour and minute hands. The Last Laugh and The Last Laugh Tattoo Edition sell from Watchismo for $260 and $285, respectively.