Three New Natural Skincare Lines Worth Watching

From a potent line highlighting Caribbean flora to Hudson Valley products tailored for men

Spring has sprung, and it calls for a little Marie Kondo-ing of the boudoir. Whether your thick winter creams have been used to the last dollop or—dare we say—expired, or if you’re simply on the look out for something new to break from a morning routine rut, below are three recently launched natural skincare lines. Each one has its own distinctive mission worth talking addressing, including one tailored to the specific needs of men.

Balmyard Beauty

After years of regular travel to Jamaica and the Caribbean islands, Larissa Gunn picked up more than just sun—she was inspired to share their plant-based healing approach and lifestyle, one made possible through the area’s wide array of unique, potent medicinal herbs. Balmyard Beauty brings a bit of the West Indies to your bathroom. The detoxifying Bush Bath treatments, for example, include local ingredients that you don’t often see stateside, like Spanish needle, cerasee, Jack’na Bush (a medicinal herb used to treat coughs and skin inflammation), and fever grass. Balmyard’s lip and cheek tint is naturally pigmented with hibiscus flower, which creates an effortless moody dark lip. “Everything was developed to be highly functional while also being a beautiful sensory experience,” Gunn tells CH, and she says a portion of proceeds will go to local Jamaican community organizations: environmental groups as well as support systems for women and specifically teen mothers.

Peet Rivko

If you’re one who diligently pores over ingredient lists because of highly sensitive skin, NYC-based Peet Rivko gives you one less thing to stress about. “In the natural space, it’s hard to find skincare products that are fragrance-free or formulated without floral extracts and essential oils,” founder Johanna Peet tells CH. “While these ingredients smell great and work for many people, they can be problematic for those with sensitive skin. With Peet Rivko, we’ve created a skincare line that’s natural and non-toxic but also irritant-free: no essential oils, no harsh actives, no floral extracts, and no nut oils.” Her simple three product lineup (cleanser, moisturizer and face oil) also gets a big applause for being manufactured in California at a wind-powered facility. On their website, check out the meticulously compiled list of ingredients used—which even includes the country where it was sourced.


“I found it fascinating that men were so underserved with quality products,” Carina Liebeknecht tells CH, on founding a natural skincare line for men. Lockwood, made in small batches up in the Hudson Valley, keeps it simple with a great duo set for washing and hydrating that won’t overpower in the shower. “We learned a couple things: guys didn’t necessarily mind the idea of unisex, but felt like there weren’t a whole lot of products that spoke directly to them as a matter of style; so our bottles and design were created with men in mind—big, simple yet luxe. Men also wanted a great smelling product but not so potent that it stayed with them for the rest of the day. When we learned this it reinforced our focus on natural fragrances.” They’ve debuted with three not-your-ordinary blends: rosemary geranium, ginger basil, and mint sage. She adds, “I know that women will use Lockwood New York as well, because it’s so great on the skin. But when they do I want it to feel like borrowing your boyfriend’s shirt.”

Images courtesy of respective brands