Timeless Watch

Rogan gives the watch an extreme facelift for a cleverly casual accessory


Rogan recently released their newest bit of design re-invention with the Timeless Watch. Made in NYC, the wrist candy repurposes old watch pieces, making each one both unique and a chic example of upcycling.

But the best part of this accessory, its “timeless” empty face, not only neatly dismisses the modern anxieties of analogue-vs.-digital and how to convey the appropriate importance without looking too flashy, but in the process also cleverly comments on the whole convention of keeping time at all.


Just in time for summer, the conceptual accessory introduces freedom from deadlines, time changes, alarm clocks (and the constant inching toward death) with its sleekly sustainable design. The bracelet, available in either matte black or gold, sells from Rogan online and in their stores for $110.