To Be Confirmed Spring/Summer 2007


Despite calling itself the UK's casualwear trade show, To Be Confirmed has 300 brands from across the world. Showing next year's collections to buyers and journalists in East London right now, I went for a look over the weekend and have narrowed things down to a handful of names (mostly) from the UK that caught my eye. I'll post every day this week on at least one of those brands, and first up, it's…

Worn By
As the name suggests, the t-shirts from Worn By have been seen before. People as varied as Muhammad Ali, Led Zeppelin and Debbie Harry have provided inspiration in the past, and from their fourth collection, "Fuck Art Lets Dance" was my favorite. It was originally pictured on the chest of keyboardist Desmond Brown from 2-Tone band The Selecter. Fairly obscure if you're not into the music, although the motto was coined by Madness which the band toured with in the late 1970s. Elsewhere, another example sported by Rolling Stone Keith Richards was plundered, while Worn By has also decided to branch out from tees and sweats to design a high-collared shirt just like one Jimi Hendrix would have had. Hopefully, it's fireproof.