ToyMe Jewelry

The creative project of a 26 year-old Milanese metal worker who grew bored of his job at a bank, ToyMe is a new line adding witty irreverence to jewelry. With inspiration from his own childhood, ToyMe transforms classic toys, elements of urban culture and fashion into silver rings, necklaces and bracelets. A cast of an old cowboy figurine is a pendant necklace, a Lego is the mold for a bracelet (to which you can attach real Legos, pictured above right, click for detail), skateboards and spray caps become charms and Space Invaders adorn a ring. Taking a page from Gabriel Urist's body of work, ToyMe offers a mini-sneaker but adds real pink laces (pictured here. The best selling piece from the collection is a guitar jack plug necklace (pictured above left, click for detail), favored by rock stars and DJs.

Select pieces from ToyMe are currently available for online purchase from Triads . Be on the lookout for ToyMe's second collection, which is due out soon—it's likely to sell out fast.

by Tacita Vero